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Casper Secure Drive Backup Free Download

Casper Secure Drive Backup Free Download PkSoft92.com

Casper Secure Drive Backup is a hard disk cloning solution for Windows, designed specifically for users of Symantec Drive Encryption (formerly PGP WDE) and Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Casper Secure Drive Backup creates a complete, fully encrypted backup of your encrypted Windows system drive in its original encrypted state without ever leaving Windows. When damages strike, you can restore your backup to its original encrypted state or simply boot and run your PC directly from your encrypted bootable backup

It enables complete system backups to be performed at any time so there is never a need to restart the computer or stop work to create a backup.

Casper Secure Drive Backup can also create bootable copies of your OP system, which can be stored on USB flash drives and encrypted as well. Backup can be used as an immediate and permanent replacement for the failed hard disk.

Main Features of Casper Secure Drive Backup :

  • Bootable Encrypted Backups
  • Encrypted Image File Backups
  • Smart Start
  • USB Boot Capability
  • Smart Restore Technology
  • Standard User Support
  • Automatic Backup Retention Policy
  • Automatic Pre-Image Verification
  • Accu Clone™ Technology
  • Smart Clone™ Technology
  • Smart Write Technology
  • Smart Resume Technology
  • Automatic Copy Verification
  • Smart Sense Disk Detection
  • Smart Sense Automatic Backups
  • Integrated Scheduling
  • 1-Click Cloning
  • Smart Release
  • Casper Backups Folder
  • Advanced Power Management
  • Automatic Performance Throttling
  • Smart Alert Notifications
  • Runtime Controls
  • GPT and UEFI Support
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) and Advanced Format Drive Support
  • Automatic Volume Resizing
  • Designed for Windows
  • Advanced Disk Management
  • Enterprise Scripting and Automation Support
  • Group Policy Administration

Download Casper Secure Drive Backup Retail x32 Cr v8.0.4422 Size : 141 MB


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