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Deep Freeze Free Download

Deep Freeze Free Download PkSoft92.com

Deep Freeze, by means of Faronics, is a reboot to restore software application to be had for the Microsoft Windows, and macOS running structures which lets in system directors to guard the core operating system and configuration documents on a computing device or server via restoring a computer returned to the saved configuration, on every occasion the pc is restarted.

Deep Freeze can also defend a laptop from harmful malware, since it automatically deletes (or rather, no longer “sees”) downloaded documents when the laptop is restarted. The advantage of the usage of Deep Freeze is that it uses very few gadget resources, and consequently does now not sluggish down laptop performance greatly. The downside is that it does no longer offer real-time protection, therefore an infected pc would must be restarted a good way to dispose of malware.

Deep Freeze Features :

  • Auto Grow Thaw Spaces.
  • Thaw for Multiple Restarts.
  • Pause Scheduled Task.
  • Install All Windows Updates.
  • Launch Batch, VB, PowerShell Scripts.
  • Console Log Improvements.
  • Set Default Location for Installers.

Download Deep Freeze Enterprise Kg v8.30.220.4890 Size : 35 MB

Download Deep Freeze Server Enterprise Kg v8.38.270.5256 Size : 44 MB

Download Deep Freeze Mac Kg v7.20.220.0107 Size : 15 MB


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