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FIGlet Generator Free Download

FIGlet Generator Free Download PkSoft92.com
FIGlet Generator is a PC program that creates text banners, different kind of typefaces, made out of letters and made up of combinations of small ASCII characters. It is usually included as a major aspect of numerous Unix-like working frameworks (Linux, BSD, and so on). conveyances, yet it has been ported to different stages also. The authority FIGlet FTP site includes pre-compiled ports for the Atari ST, Apple 2, Acorn, Amiga, BeOS, MS DOS, Macintosh, NeXTSTEP, OS/2 and Windows platforms, and also re-implementation in Perl (Text :: FIGlet). There are outsider re-implementation of FIGlet in Java (counting one implanted in the JavE ASCII craftsmanship supervisor), JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Go.

Main Features of FIGlet Generator :

  • FIGlet prints its information utilizing enormous characters (called ‘FIG characters’) made up of conventional screen characters (called ‘sub characters’). FIGlet yield is commonly suggestive of the kind of ‘signatures’ numerous individuals like to put toward the finish of email and Use Net messages.
  • FIGlet can print in an assortment of textual styles, both left-to-right and right-to-left, with neighboring FIG characters kerned and ‘smushed’ together in different ways. FIGlet textual styles are put away in independent documents, which can be recognized by the postfix ‘.flf’. Most FIGlet textual style documents will be put away in FIGlet’s default textual style registry.
  • FIGlet can likewise utilize ”control documents”, which tell it to delineate input characters to certain different characters, like the Unix trorder. Control records can be distinguished by the addition ”.flc”.
  • Most FIGlet control records will be put away in FIGlet’s default text style index. You can store FIGlet text styles and control records in compacted structure.

Download FIGlet Generator v0.1.0 Size : 13 MB

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