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Iperius Backup Free Download

Iperius Backup Free Download PkSoft92.com

Iperius is a entire Windows application for information backup. You can use the Freeware version (also for Windows Server) to lower back up documents to NAS, external disks, RDX drives, etc. with none time limitation – or select an employer version, with lots of backup functions.

Iperius Console is the advanced tool for centralized control and monitoring of your computers and backup. Using either the dedicated computer software or simply the internet portal, you could view the consequences of your backup operations, have a look at the info of any errors, set and customize the backup schedulings and additionally run backup jobs remotely. The console integrates flawlessly with all the goods of Iperius Suite, allowing also to remotely replace Iperius Backup to the modern day version.

The huge amount of records furnished continues users updated about the status of every PC and Server wherein Iperius is installed, making Iperius Console an extremely useful IT Monitoring device, each for your customers and your company.

Iperius Backup Features :

  • Copy of open documents.
  • Drive Image for catastrophe recovery.
  • Backup of ESXi and Hyper-V digital machines.
  • Backup to Cloud.
  • Backup to FTP/SFTP .
Download Iperius Backup Full Kg v7.0.5 Size : 55 MB

Download Iperius Backup Full Portable v7.0.4 Size : 52 MB


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