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IZArc2Go Free Download

IZArc2Go Free Download PkSoft92.com

IZArc2Go is Portable version of IZArc. Just drop it on any USB Flash Drive and you’ll have complete purposeful archive application anyplace you go. You do not must set up some thing at the computer’s tough disk. IZArc2Go has all capabilities of IZArc besides that it can’t be incorporated into the Explorer shell menu and it isn’t always viable to companion any archive report kind with it.

IZArc2Go continues all its settings in its software folder and does not depart any steady statistics after it’s miles closed.

IZArc2Go Features :

  • Create an archive
  • Add documents to an current archive
  • Delete documents from an current archive
  • Extract documents from an current archive
  • Favorite Folders
  • CheckOut feature
  • Create a self-extracting archive
  • E-mail an archive
  • UU/XX/MIME Encode/Decode
  • Create Multi-Volume Set
  • Merge Multi-Volume Set
  • UnSFX
  • Encrypt documents the usage of Rijandael
  • Zip encryption
  • Decrypt (.ize) documents

Download IZArc2Go Portable v4.4 Size : 4 MB

                                                                                                                                                                      ====  ,.,.

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