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Resource Tuner Free Download

Resource Tuner Free Download PkSoft92.com

Resource Tuner is a computer software that allows anybody to see, edit, extract, and replace strings, bitmaps, logos and symbols icons. All that make up the visual part of Windows program. Although, it permits you to see and edit practically any part of an incorporated Windows program, by changing the executable document (EXE, DLL, SYS, MSSTYLES, SCR and etc) from the menus to the discourse boxes to the icons and beyond. Resource Tuner offers energizing prospects regardless of whether you aren’t a developer. It’s ideal for interpreters, tweakers, and any other person who needs an alternate look and feel for an application.

Important Features of Resource Tuner :

  • Working with 32- and 64-bit PE files.
  • Rebrand your applications by changing icons and logos.
  • Modify GUI components of your preferred Windows programs.
  • Interpret third party applications.
  • Extract images, icons, sounds, animations.
  • Make inheritance applications utilize the new look of Windows XP and Vista.
  • UPX Unpacker
  • Saving multiple resources to disk.
Download Resource Tuner Pt v2.20 Size : 4 MB

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