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RollBack Rx Free Download

RollBack Rx Free Download PkSoft92.com

RollBack Rx is a effective software that allows domestic customers and IT experts alike to without problems repair their PC to exactly how it was at a particular time before a gadget crash or different catastrophe.

RollBack Rx is extraordinary from maximum other backup software.Rather than periodically saving and re-saving all of your data, RollBack Rx takes continuous backup “snapshots” of your entire machine. It takes place silently in the background, makes use of minimal system resources, and requires most effective 2 to 3 seconds to finish a image!

Then, if some thing BAD happens — like a device crash, aborted or failed software Installation, malware invasion, or funky update procedure all you need to do is RollBack Rx to the photo proper earlier than the crash. It’s that easy!

You can take said snapshots at a particular time or on a set schedule (hourly, each day etc). You can take as many snapshots as you want, and you could roll-lower back and roll-forward to and from any photograph every time you sense like it!

RollBack Rx Features :

  • Take a photo of the gadget inside seconds (no reboot required).
  • Restore documents and folders from any picture or crashed device state.
  • Restore the system to any snapshot within seconds.
  • Advanced Features.

Download RollBack Rx x64 Cr v11.2.2705507224 Size : 47 MB

Download RollBack Rx Server Kg v2.2.2702520321 Size : 20 MB


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