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Wordaizer Free Download

Wordaizer Free Download PkSoft92.com
Wordaizer is a very useful and reliable utility designed to enable users to create pictures with word clouds. It is a useful kind of software for anyone who is interested in creating images with custom-shaped word clouds. It is an efficient program that helps us create an image and add to it words of a specified shape.

Key Features of Wordaizer : 

  • Make word clouds in any shape horizontal vertical or even curved and curled.
  • Use Uni-code character sets.
  • This program has 234 artistic fonts that allows versatile fontsize settings.
  • There is 3 different colour selection methods and 800 different colour.
  • Word bending options include (circular, parabolic, wave, crossword).
  • Pictures as the source for the colour.
  • Most advanced text editing options.
  • You can use different fonts in one word cloud.
  • You can change the colour of each individual word.
  • You can add manually smartly adding words.
  • Many settings are available for size, word animation and duration.
  • Have full control over size and video format (‘codec’).
  • Test the video path and word placement.
  • You can save and load new or existing projects.
  • Support Multi-language. 

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